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  • 11. Yo’ momma’s so stupid, she’s barely discovering The Wheel when all other civilizations are on Advanced Techonology 23.
  • 10. Yo’ momma’s so fat, if you touch her in Katamari Damacy, you win.
  • 09. Yo’ momma’s so stupid she thinks up-up-down-left-right gets your more weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • 08. Yo’ momma’s so fat, Kano couldn’t find her heart to rip out.
  • 07. Yo’ momma’s so ugly, she says „Zug zug“ and „Dabu.“
  • 06. Yo’ momma’s so ugly the counter-terrorists don’t even try to rescue her.
  • 05. Yo’ momma’s so fat, the Xbox controller laughs at her.
  • 04. Yo’ momma’s so stupid, she’s still trying to find a copy of „First Fantasy.“
  • 03. Yo’ momma’s so ugly the headcrabs jump away from her.
  • 02. Yo’ momma’s so pathetic, the Duck Hunt dog won’t laugh at her out of pity.
  • 01. Thank you, Mario, but yo’ momma’s ass is so big, it’s in another castle.

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