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PlayStation 2If you have no immediate plans on going next-gen until you pay off student loans and your little sister, you’re probably curious about the welfare of your beloved PS2. The system has maintained dominance for nearly a decade, so we can expect a slow paradigm shift long before it becomes the exclusive property of third world countries. Businessweek has interviewed a variety of PS2 publishers whom all mutually agree that the system is far from dead. An analyst has even claimed that the console will continue to lead the pack for two more years. Here are the cliff’s notes:

* Wedbush Morgan Securities believes the PS2 will be dominant into 2008.

* Sega’s CEO Simon Jeffery says the PS2 can still drive the most  game sales in 2007; will be releasing games late into the year.

* Sony is expected to sell another 11 million PS2s next year, but only half as many PS3s.

* Square Enix is releasing Kindgom Hearts II: Final Mix on the PS2, as will Ubisoft with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie spinoff.

* Other publishers are expected to sell ports well into 2007.

Do I believe the PS2 will be the best selling console of 2007? Nah. My bet is on the Wii simply based its sellout records on Amazon, which occur in seconds. Despite a slow Q1 game schedule; it’s the hot pop ticket. Analysts schmanalists.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say the system will have at least one more decent year before it slowly begins sinking into the bargain bin abyss … maybe even two. How long before you move on?

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