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Street FighterA singer dressed up like Chun Li. This is actually good once you realize that the main beat of the song is from Chun Li’s stage. The random Chun Li sound effects are a nice touch too. Spotted on Omomani.

Everything becomes 9,000 times funnier when you dub over Street Fighter sound effects and music! I have no idea where to even start to look for the original, but the video is basically about a kid trying to cross over a stream on a branch. Thankfully, another kid wants to be a dick and grabs the branch and starts f**king with the other kid. The results are golden.

Mega Super Street Fighter 7. Another live action Street Fighter fight … wow, this is really well done. The editing is great.

The best scene from the Street Fighter Animated Movie. Vega Vs Chun Li.

Scorpion & Sub-Zero Vs Ryu & Ken. Done with action figures! MUGEN, eat your heart out.

The entire first episode of the Street Fighter animated TV show. Eh, why not?

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