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SONY PSiŽvilgtelkit į kelis PSP dizaino plagiatus, kurių apskritai nevertėjo gaminti.


JXD683Just a bit smaller than the PSP, the JXD683 boasts a 2.5″ LCD display, SD/MMC expansion slot, digital MPEG4 camcorder, MP3/Video playback, and is priced at $133. All those features might make this system seem like a bargain, but its still missing a 3D graphics engine. Aesthetically, the JXD683 has a very dull uninspired design which mimics the PSP’s, and it also uses a very similar button configuration/placement.


AP3100Green Apple’s AP3100 sports a PSP-inspired design, but doesn’t even offer gaming capabilites. Featuring a 3.6-inch LCD display, 1.3-megapixel camera, 512MB of internal memory, and an SD card slot. Plus, it can play Super Nintendo games via emulator straight out of the box. Supported media formats include: AVI, DivX, XviD, MP3, WMA, and FLAC.

Stony PSP Clone

Stony PSP CloneIt’s a Stony! This blatant PSP knockoff features an LCD display, 30 built-in games, 256MB of memory, and an SD/MMC card slot. There’s also support for MP3/WMA formats and video playback. No word yet on pricing and availability — or if it will ever hit the states.


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