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Stambiausias Rusijoje žurnalas apie žaidimus Igromania parodė mums naują Silent Hill: Homecoming geimplėjaus video. Video yra iš ankstyvos beta versijos, kurio metu pristatomas grečiausiai vienas pirmųjų geimo lygių. Visi komentarai yra rusų kalba. O toliau pateikiu vertimą anglų k., in case nemokat rusų kalbos ir įdomu sužinoti apie ką plepa komentatorius.

[ UPDATE’as ]

Jei nepasileidžia video, spauskit čia.

Vertimas anglų k.:

– in the beginning he is regreting about the fact that 5th part of the series is not being developed by Konami and outsorced to The Collective;
– he said that it’s one of the first builds of the game for PS3 with one area of the game;
– then some words about meeting people and that main haracter will experince some flashbacks during the game (like this scene with flashlight and little brother);
– about new conversation system with possibility to choose phrases;
– than he make a joke about a couple of actions in the basement that player have to do to drawn the water and make his way to the backyard – like he can’t just jump over the fence =)
– he said that monster in the basement is the first one in game;
– than about new combat system (but I don’t think that it’s a final version of combat so I just leave this words untranslated)
– and in the end of video he said that it’s very early to make any conclusions but they don’t like the graphics as well and that SH3 looked better…

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