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After much some searching I found the pictures of Lara in the 2 unlockable bikini outfits from Tomb Raider – Legend.

You could ask, well why don’t you unlock them yourself by actually playing the game? Well, errm, good question. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on unlocking the bikini outfits:

  • Cream bikini – Complete the game and all time trials
  • Black bikini – Complete the game, all time trails and collect all artifacts

So far I’ve nearly collected all the artifacts, but completed none of the time trails (and these are quite hard). So I’ve still got some way to go. However, when you’ve finally got Lara all dressed up in her bikini outfit you find that she can’t go outside! You can only use the outfits within the confines of Croft Manor. Boo. Very disappointing.

Cream Bikini:

Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 01Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 02Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 03

Black Bikini:

Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 04Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 05Tomb Raider: Legend bikini - screenshot 06 ]

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