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PlayStation 3Here’s a collection of useful (and useless) PlayStation 3 facts compiled by GamePro — and complimented by our parenthetical remarks:

  • Touch-sensitive power and eject buttons are a nice touch – literally (but we prefer handling said activities from the couch, with a remote or controller)
  • 15,000 kiosks across the nation by the end of November (you might not be able to score a unit until 2007, but at least your local retailer will have one)
  • The PS3 is not just a cheap Blu-ray player (actually, it’s relatively inexpensive)
  • Not all games will be 1080p (now that’s an understatement!)
  • The Sixaxis controller doesn’t feel too light (we disagree)
  • Speaking of which, the Sixaxis motion sensing takes some getting used to. (uh-huh)
  • The PSP will connect via Wi-Fi to the PS3’s hard drive (a good reason not to sell your PSP)
  • The Sixaxis gets roughly 30 hours of battery life (if true, it blows Microsoft’s Xbox 360 rechargeable — but easily replaced — battery away)
  • There’s no „lag” on the wireless Sixaxis controller, either (and there shouldn’t be!)
  • The Sixaxis’s wireless range tops out at over 65 feet (20 meters) (how far away do you sit from the TV?)
  • A new controller will set you back 50 beans (and there’s no first-party wired alternative)
  • Your PlayStation 2 save game files can be transferred to the PS3 (thank goodness! Transferring Xbox saves to 360 is tedious and requires purchasing third-party apps/equipment)
  • The Blu-ray disc drive is slot loading, and it works like a dream (yeah, but does it have a paperclip-hole fail-safe?)
  • One LED on the PS3 seems dedicated to tracking hard drive activity (so … ?)
  • The first 500,000 PS3s will be packaged with a free Blu-ray feature film (but it’s Ferrel’s „Talladega Nights”)
  • There’s still a hard „power-off” switch on the back of the system, just like the PS2 (annoying)
  • The PS3 is very, very shiny (so keep your greasy paws off it)
  • As a whole, the PS3 itself looks incredibly sexy (see previous)
  • The PS3 is super quiet (we hope — ’cause the 360 is damned loud!)
  • You can plug in a USB keyboard and surf the ‘Net (and a mouse too?)
  • The power supply is integrated directly into the system (in other words, there’s no brick to trip over)
  • Re-download all your merch to someone else’s PS3 (or better, download a friend’s merch on to your PS3)
  • First-party games are priced at $59.99 (so are some of the 360’s — *sigh*)

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